PHILIPPINE  GENERAL  MERCHANDISING  CORPORATION  (PGMC)   was organized in February 1947 primarily for the importation of prime commodities like milk, flour, starch, sardines, soybeans, cigarettes, and  acquisition of other local products for distribution.


In 1950, the Government instituted import controls to regulate the inflow of imports and outflow of dollars, thus resulting in PGMC's becoming practically dormant in its operations, at which time, the Silver Swan Soy Sauce products were given to Connell Bros. (Phils.) for distribution.  


Connell Bros. (Phils.) used to be a large company with several divisions handling several varied lines both local and imported, whose expertise was marketing and distribution.


The responsibility for marketing and distribution of consumer products was delegated to the General Merchandise Division, which lines, amongst the several well known ones were Silver Swan Products, Kraft Cheese, Carnation/Liberty Milk, etc.


With the approach of the termination of the Laurel-Langley Act, Connell Bros. (Phils.) being 100% American owned, sold its majority shares to a group of companies who in turn spun-off the General Merchandise Division into a separate corporation in 1979, which due to business reverses ceased operations in December 3l, 1980.


This left Silver Swan without a competent distributor, notwithstanding distribution offers of several large and known outfits who carry multi-products. 


It was then in January 1981 that Management of PGMC decided to re-activate the Corporation, and invited the majority of ex-Connell personnel specifically those in the General Merchandise  Division to join PGMC to continue the marketing and distribution of not only Silver Swan but also other allied lines. 


Together with the acquisition of the marketing and distribution force, a complete experienced administrative support group were handpicked from the ex-Connell staff, such as the Departments of Credit, Statistics, Finance, etc. also purchase of all sales  vans and take over of its warehouses Philippine wide. 

With this situation, the rejuvenated PGMC started off in l98l with a very well rounded group, rich in experience in all phases of marketing and distribution, plus the already known established dealers and retail network nationwide.